July 5, 2023

Dermal Filler Full Face Winnipeg

Cant believe it took me so long to post this #beforeandafter from the #Allergan #AMI course in #Nashville TWO MONTHS AGO 😍 #JuvedermVoluma is a cheek filler that lasts up to two years! Improving midface volume loss that conteibutes to hollow eyes, smile lines, puppet lines and jowls!! Last picture was after we added some #JuvedermUltraPlus to her lips to finish off her incredible results 😍 #Juvederm #JuvedermFillers #JuvedermLips #JuvedermCheeks #lipfillers #AestheticNurse #NurseInjector #MasterInjector #Botox #Antiaging

Credit to arabian_injectoron TikTok for the original video. Follow them on all platforms for more great content.

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