November 13, 2023

Facial laser hair removal review. Check out the amazing before and after.

Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair with laser hair removal.

Are you looking to safely and effectively remove facial hair along your upper lip, chin, cheeks or neck? Laser hair removal with the advanced Lutronic Clarity II system can help.

The Lutronic Clarity II is one of the top laser hair removal machines available today. Its high power output and large spot size can permanently reduce dark, coarse hairs on delicate facial areas.

Key Benefits of Using Clarity II for Facial Hair:

  • Safe and effective on all skin types
  • Built-in cooling for comfortable treatments
  • Adjustable settings allow customization for the face
  • Treats upper lip, chin, cheeks, neck, sideburns
  • Fast treatments with minimal discomfort

This Health Canada approved system targets the pigment in hair follicles with laser energy. This damages the follicle so it can no longer regrow, eliminating unwanted hair. The large 12x12mm spot size allows us to treat areas like the chin, upper lip, cheeks, neck, and sideburns in just a few minutes.

What to Expect:

During your session, eye protection will be provided. The smooth handpiece will be glided over each area while pulsing the laser. You may feel some mild heat or prickling sensations, which dissipate quickly. We can adjust settings as needed for your comfort.

Most patients require 6-8 treatments 4-6 weeks apart to see the best results. Maintenance sessions may be needed 1-2 times yearly after completing the initial series.

Not all machines and technicians are created equal. Having your laser hair removal performed by an experienced technician is essential. At Enhance Aesthetics and Laser, we can properly evaluate your skin and hair type, make adjustments, and ensure you receive safe, effective treatments.

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Facial laser hair removal review. Check out the amazing before and after.

Laser hair removal on the neck, chin, cheeks, and sideburns.

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